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Light'n'Easy Optimus Sanitizers use the latest technology to create super high temperature 'Dry' Steam.

This high temperature is critical for the killing of bacteria to leave surfaces clean and hygienic.

To explain the properties of steam further, it should be noted that when steam is visible this is because it is 'Wet' or unsaturated steam which means that it is still a liquid – i.e. it is water.

The boiling point of water is 100°C at which point it becomes steam, but this steam can then be superheated to become 'Dry' or 'Saturated steam'. In this state steam is a gas and the higher the temperature then the longer it takes the ambient room temperature to reduce this steam back below 100°C.

Therefore this steam can not be seen and is invisible – it is only as it cools and condenses that the steam becomes visible again.

Many steam cleaning products make a point of showing huge clouds of steam, but actually this only proves that the temperature of the steam from these products is low and that they are creating unsaturated 'Wet' steam.

Light'n'Easy products create steam at 170°C as it leaves the boiler outlet thus giving the user the impression that there is actually no steam, when in reality it is invisible superheated steam to give the optimum performance.


steam sanitiser 7333 /7335

optimus7333 1

  1. Power on/off switch.
  2. Floor sanitiser main housing.
  3. Water tank filler cover.
  4. Main housing. 

optimus7333 2

  1. Heat exchanger assembly.
  2. Water tank.
  3. Pump enclosure.

optimus7333 3

    1. Patended steam distributer plate for constant  steam temperature over a larger area. 
    2. Gripping strips for disposible microfibre cleaning pads.  


  • Outstanding cleaning performance – perfect for hard floor surfaces.
  • High temperature steam – cleans and sanitises all floor surfaces..
  • Ready to use in less than 30 seconds.
  • Removes 99% of all bacteria and leaves the floor dry in seconds.
  • Light weight ergonomic design – quick and easy to use.
  • Energy saving patented steam system – uses only 600 watts.
  • Comes complete with 5 x disposable microfibre cleaning pads.




steam sanitiser Optimus GS600

optimusGS600 1

  1. Steam sanitiser head with steam dispersion plate.
  2. Steam release switch.
  3. Transparent water tank cover. 

optimusGS600 2

  1. Heat exchanger assembly.
  2. Pump assembly enclosure.


  • 2-in-1 Garment Steamer and Steam Sanitizer
  • Ready to use in less than 30 seconds
  • Lightweight ergonomic design – quick and easy to use
  • Perfect for all your ironing needs – removes creases from shirts and blouses in seconds.
  • Suitable for use on silk, wool, linen, cotton etc. Can be used vertically or horizontally.
  • High temperature steam cleans and sanitizes all surfaces leaving them hygienic and free of bacteria.
  • Removes 99% of all bacteria and leave surfaces clean and dry in seconds
  • Energy saving design, uses only 600 watts.
  • Full set of accessories and cleaning pads included.


  1. Microfibre layer, every fibre is 1/10 of the thickeness of a human hair and this allows the pad to collect fine dust and dirt from the floor surface.
  2. Middle layer, made by a special adhesive comb which spreads the steam horizontally and evenly across the whole surface of the pad without 'hot spots'.
  3. Top layer, high density mesh to  allow high temperature steam to quickly penetrate into pad and onto the floor surface.

steam sanitiser Optimus 7319

optimus7319 1

  1. Power on/off switch for steam function.
  2. Swivel joint for 360 degree cleaning action.
  3. Water tank filler cover.
  4. Power on/off switch for sweeper function.

optimus7319 2

  1. Pump assembly enclosure.
  2. Sweeper motor.
  3. Heat exchanger.
  4. Water tank.

optimus7319 3

  1. Sweeper roller brush assembly.
  2. Cleaning pad locators  x  6.
  3. Sweeper dust collector assembly.
  4. Steam dispersion plate assembly.


  • 2-in-1 Floor Sweeper and Floor Sanitiser.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design - quick and easy to use.
  • Special height adjustable handle mechanism allows you to have the perfect comfortable handle height.
  • Ready to use in less than 30 seconds.
  • Mains operated  3000rpm high power sweeper removes dust and debris before steam sanitising.
  • Sweeper or Steam functions can be used independently.
  • High temperature steam cleans and sanitises all hard floor surfaces.
  • Removes 99% of all bacteria and leaves the floor dry in seconds
  • Energy saving patented steam system uses only 600 watts of power.
  • Comes complete with 5 x disposable microfibre cleaning pads.


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